Idigital Internet Inc.



  • Released



  • Added auto sign-in feature, after a successful logon the Ablaze will automatically log you in and go to Rooms.
  • Added a settings pane; Vibration and Sound notification can now be toggled to On/Off.
  • Added Favorites pane that will contain the list of rooms tagged as ‘Favorite’.
  • Added a star icon on the Chatroom pane. Tapping on the star will turn it to yellow which signifies that the room is tagged as favorite. Tap again to remove the room from the Favorites list.
  • Tweaked the function that gets the list of available rooms. Room lists will now load faster.
  • Chat messages will auto-scroll to the last message.
  • Ablaze will no longer go in to each and every room that the user have.
  • Removed the 'Quit' button since Microsoft did not allow blocking the back button, which puts the application in a Tombstoned state.
  • Updated Ablaze so that when it is first run it will automatically pin Ablaze to main tile.
  • Removed the 'Pin Ablaze'.
  • Updated service to conform to the current changes of Ablaze client.
  • Removed background; currently plain black.